Plasentia 1577 (English)

Plasentia 1577 (English)

Egilea: Jokin de Pedro
Azalaren irudia: Luis Olaso Garralda
Itzultzailea: Ira Ortigosa
ISBN: 978-84-96755-70-3
Bilduma: Ex profeso, Zk: 5
Hizkuntza: English
Edizio urtea: 2021
Formatua: rustika
Orri kopurua: 76 o.
Neurria: 148x210mm

Sinopsia: «Plasencia 1577» was created to have more than one theatrical text. As you might have noticed, reader, it is not uncommon in a play’s publication to reveal the names of actors, musicians, directors, etc. Plasentzia 1577, in this corner of the Uribe Coast, is a project that has been carried out by all our men and women who are in close contact with Plentzia to make the popular theatre by supporting, producing, and drawing.
For the people, for the Basque people, for our relations, to know about our past —the process has been very fruitful; among other things, as we write these lines, we are focused on the preparation and production of another work— instead, on the preparation and production of another project — the history of the Anton Garage, which will be played in October 2018.
As for the text, you will go into the popular atmosphere of the sixteenth century to relive the extreme historical events that were lightened by songs, dances, and splashes of humour.

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